I write with a heavy heart that I have decided to close the site.The site will not be up for adoption as I built it from the ground up on my own and some of the photoshoots and photos I spent a bit of money on and no other site has them.

I opened this site back in September 2009 when Margot was just Australia’s sweetheart, playing “Donna Freedman” on the Aussie soap “Neighbours”. Its great to see shes come so far as an actress in the past 10 years and I knew from the start that she would become a massive success.

My reason for closing this site is that the past year I was losing interest and life has gotten in the way and with getting older my priorities have changed. Plus other sites have opened since and have taken over in views, especially after the closing of and having to change the domain, it took a hit and was like starting again when she was well enough known that other sites had started popping up.

A massive shout out to the original host ‘’ and the current host ‘’ for providing a home for my site. And also the visitors for keeping this site alive as well, you are what kept me going in keeping you updated with your Margot Robbie news.

NOTE: If you have a Margot site or would like to start one up and are interested in the domain, just email me at for a chat and more details. Same goes with some of the exclusive and extremely hard to find photoshoots to get that no other Margot site currently have.

The content will be left up for another month or till the domain is sold.

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