Happy New Year from MRO Plus Gallery Update.

Just Wishing everyone a Happy New Year from MRO! I hope you all are having an enjoyable christmas/new year break! Sorry its taken me awhile to post these scans, I have been ill and on anti-biotics so i’v just been lounging around to recover. Also when im better ill really try and get the new layout & forum up! It is that time of the year =].

Anyway, here are scans from the latest TVWeek Magazine & 2010 TVWeek Diary =]

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Margot in this weeks TV Week

Margot & her character Donna Freedman will be in this weeks issue of TV Week! I will post up scans very soon as it features:

Celebrity BFF’s, Margot & Ashleigh, they often play pals on screen, but do they keep up the camaraderie when the cameras stop rolling?

SPOILER: Please note this has spoilers so if you dont want to know or you are not from Australia, I advise to skip this next paragraph!

A new-look Neighbours. A special preview issue reveals how Donna and Ringo are torn apart by new bad boy on the block Andrew – who’s none other than Paul Robinson’s son!

ALSO- I will have scans of Margot from the TV Week 2010 Diary!! Coming soon xxx

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Margots new year’s resolution

Margot tells us the promises she’ll make for 2010 & how they plan to keep them:

Margot: “I plan to get more sleep. My tip for keeping resolutions is to take baby steps. Don’t make ridiculous resolutions that are going to be too hard to keep!”

Source: TV Week Magazine

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Margot Robbie: Send Donna to rehab

Neighbours star Margot Robbie has revealed she begged the show’s writers to let her character go off the rails.

The actress, who plays kooky teenager Donna Freedman in the Australian soap, said she’s love to get her teeth into a dramatic storyline – but the show’s child-friendly rating makes it difficult.

She said: “I asked the scriptwriters if she could go off the rails and go to rehab or something!”

She continued: “They said it’s difficult to do those sorts of storylines and keep it G-rated but I’d love something really dramatic like that to happen.”

However, she gushed about how much she enjoys playing her alter ego.

“She’s great. She’s a bit crazy. I’m really glad I get to play her and not an average, boring teenage girl. You can be an average, boring teenage girl every other day of the week. It’s fun to be able to say and do these things you normally wouldn’t.”

Source: The Press Association.

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Donna Freedman this last week of “Neighbours” for 2009

Last week of Neighbours for 2009: Well here is what Donna Freedman is up to in the final week of Neighbours for 2009!

SPOILER: This is Australian air-time so people in other countries that watch neighbour are behind so you may get spoilers if you read this.

Neighbours: 30rd Nov – 4th Dec

Monday: Sick of the hostilities, Donna damands to know what’s going on between Declan & Kate.

Wednesday: Ringo has to choose between his career dreams and his love life with Donna.

Friday: • The residents revel in the festivities.
• Guilt-ridden over her one-night stand with Andrew, Donna goes all out to make it up to Ringo. But when she overdoes the “perfect girlfriend” routine, she faces some tough questions from Ringo. Will she come clean?

NEXT YEAR: Neighbours celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2010!

Source: TV Week Magazine

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