Happy New Year from MRO Plus Gallery Update.

Just Wishing everyone a Happy New Year from MRO! I hope you all are having an enjoyable christmas/new year break! Sorry its taken me awhile to post these scans, I have been ill and on anti-biotics so i’v just been lounging around to recover. Also when im better ill really try and get the new layout & forum up! It is that time of the year =].

Anyway, here are scans from the latest TVWeek Magazine & 2010 TVWeek Diary =]

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Margots new year’s resolution

Margot tells us the promises she’ll make for 2010 & how they plan to keep them:

Margot: “I plan to get more sleep. My tip for keeping resolutions is to take baby steps. Don’t make ridiculous resolutions that are going to be too hard to keep!”

Source: TV Week Magazine

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