Television Critics Association press tour brings buzz for ‘Pan Am’.

A long time ago, getting on a plane was considered an adventure — of the pleasant kind — and ABC’s “Pan Am” (Sept. 25) wants you to sit back, relax and remember when flight attendants were gorgeous, passengers were well-dressed, and everyone had manners.

That ’60s world, says star Christina Ricci, was new and exciting, and she tries to maintain that excitement.

“These stewardesses were looked at as really glamorous symbols,” she says. “We have so much pride in welcoming these passengers on the plane, and they have so much pride in traveling.”

The goal, says producer Jack Orman, is to create a show that is “sweeping and epic and wish-fulfilling.” And one of their wishes clearly is to not be compared to its famous contemporary, AMC’s “Mad Men.”

“Television is just execution,” says producer Thomas Schlamme. “It’s not the time period it takes place in … It has nothing to do with ‘Mad Men.’ We just hope our show is executed in a wonderful way.”

Unlike “Men,” “Pan Am” is focused on women, a crew of flight attendants headed by Ricci. And unlike “Men,” the show has a secret-agent component: An attendant becomes a carrier for the CIA.

“We’ve done some research on this,” Orman says. Pan Am “had a very cozy relationship with the State Department … We weave it in, I think, pretty effectively.”

As the pilot shows, the women who worked for Pan Am were very tightly controlled. There were restrictions on weight, dress and their personal lives, all to help Pan Am sell an image of ideal beauty.

Still, says Ricci, former employees she talked to have fond memories of a job that let them see the world when women’s opportunities were limited.

“What this sends is a message that these women were really free and in charge of their lives.”


Photos from the event are coming soon! Promise!

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ABC’s ‘Pan Am’ Will Stay True to the 1960s — With One Big Exception

Sorry the site hasnt been updated in awhile, there hasnt been anymore news till know plus I have either been busy or sick to upload more photos!

ABC’s new drama “Pan Am” is making a point of re-creating the mood of the 1960s, much in the way that the show it’s often compared to — AMC’s “Mad Men” — has succeeded in capturing the feel of that decade.

But “Pan Am” is making one big concession to more modern sensibilities: Despite the fact that smoking on Pan Am flights was a regular thing in the 1960s, the new show will not depict any of the principals smoking cigarettes on flights or in the terminals, reports Entertainment Weekly.

There will be some extras with cigarettes, but the stars, including Christina Ricci and Margot Robbie, won’t light up.

According to executive producer Thomas Schlamme, “It’s an enormous impressionable element. It’s the one revisionist cheat.”

In contrast to “Pan Am,” the 1960s characters on “Mad Men” smoke frequently.

“Pan Am” is set to premiere Sept. 25.


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Well, its Miss Robbies birthday and she is 21!!! On behalf of me & her fans, we wish the beautiful, talented Margot a very very very Happy Birthday!!!!! Sorry that it isnt much, been busy as of late! Wish you all the best with everything Margot =] x

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Ex-Neighbours star’s party weekend

FORMER Neighbours beauty Margot Robbie partied up over the weekend, heading to Boutique on Friday night and Eve on Saturday night.

Robbie was at Boutique with a group of girlfriends and there was no sign of her pizza delivery boyfriend.

She then celebrated Eve’s fifth birthday with friend Emma Davenport. Hawks star Buddy Franklin, Vince Colosimo and Bomber David Zaharakis were also enjoying the DJ work of Ruby Rose.

Robbie goes to the Gold Coast next week to see her parents. She is filming series, Pan Am, in LA.


PAN AM UPDATE: According to Pan am will be on air in the states on:
Sunday, September 25
7 p.m. – 9 p.m. “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” (special two-hour premiere)
9 p.m. – 10 p.m. “Desperate Housewives”
10 p.m. – 11 p.m. “Pan Am”

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Gallery Update:

Again, sorry I havent updated as often as I should have, as some of you would know, life gets busy! But here are a bunch of images to be added to the Gallery some as recent as her latest appearance at the 2011 Aus Breakthrough Artists to some old HQ images from Neighbours 25th Anniversary, with acouple of photoshoots/portraits & HQ Pan Am promo photos to boot! Enjoy guys =]

Promo & Photoshoots:


Credit to: for acouple of the CTV pics, much appreciated!

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‘Pan Am’ Stars Christina Ricci and Margot Robbie on Girdles and Female Empowerment

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Taking an airplane never looked so good.

‘Pan Am,’ slated to start in the fall, follows a group of young flight attendants who sign on to the “new” luxury airline in the hopes of making a change in their lives. The passengers and crew face a voyage whose landscape is shaped by romance, a volatile 1960s society and yes, even undercover espionage.

Starring Margot Robbie (‘Neighbours’), Kelli Garner (‘My Generation’), Karine Vanasse (‘Polytechnique’) and movie star Christina Ricci as the flight attendants, there is no shortage of sexiness in the sky. But that sexiness is not easily found, according to Ricci.

“We wear girdles,” said Ricci. “It’s literally a half-hour pee break. Someone has to help you, because afterward it’s all unhooked.”

“The girdles make you walk a certain way,” she continued. “It keeps your legs together.”

“I don’t know how women in the 1960s did it,” adds Robbie. “I don’t know how women got dressed by themselves.”

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Margot Robbie’s new adventure: Pan Am!

Gotta say, Miss Robbie is bound for great things! And what a way to start than in a new American TV Show “Pan Am” based on the airlines stewardess! And whats more exciting its signed up as a TV Series, lets hope its a smash and continues to be a numerous season show! Iv added photos that have been added around the web, and also a Trailer for the series! Enjoy.x

Promotional Shots:

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