Margot Robbie: Send Donna to rehab

Neighbours star Margot Robbie has revealed she begged the show’s writers to let her character go off the rails.

The actress, who plays kooky teenager Donna Freedman in the Australian soap, said she’s love to get her teeth into a dramatic storyline – but the show’s child-friendly rating makes it difficult.

She said: “I asked the scriptwriters if she could go off the rails and go to rehab or something!”

She continued: “They said it’s difficult to do those sorts of storylines and keep it G-rated but I’d love something really dramatic like that to happen.”

However, she gushed about how much she enjoys playing her alter ego.

“She’s great. She’s a bit crazy. I’m really glad I get to play her and not an average, boring teenage girl. You can be an average, boring teenage girl every other day of the week. It’s fun to be able to say and do these things you normally wouldn’t.”

Source: The Press Association.

Donna Freedman this last week of “Neighbours” for 2009

Last week of Neighbours for 2009: Well here is what Donna Freedman is up to in the final week of Neighbours for 2009!

SPOILER: This is Australian air-time so people in other countries that watch neighbour are behind so you may get spoilers if you read this.

Neighbours: 30rd Nov – 4th Dec

Monday: Sick of the hostilities, Donna damands to know what’s going on between Declan & Kate.

Wednesday: Ringo has to choose between his career dreams and his love life with Donna.

Friday: • The residents revel in the festivities.
• Guilt-ridden over her one-night stand with Andrew, Donna goes all out to make it up to Ringo. But when she overdoes the “perfect girlfriend” routine, she faces some tough questions from Ringo. Will she come clean?

NEXT YEAR: Neighbours celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2010!

Source: TV Week Magazine

Margot Robbie: I feel pressure

Neighbours star Margot Robbie has admitted that her career in the entertainment industry makes her feel under pressure to stay looking good.

The actress, who plays Donna Freedman in the soap, said she prefers to focus on her acting rather than worry too much about her appearance.

“There’s always going to be pressure being in the entertainment industry,” Margot said.

“You don’t see any Hollywood actresses that are terrible looking so there’s always that pressure that to succeed in your career you need to look good.

“But at the end of the day, if your acting’s there that should be your main priority. If you thought about the way you looked all the time you’d never do a decent job acting.”

The 19-year-old said she does try and stay in shape, but prefers exercise that involves some variety.

“The thought of going for a run for an hour makes me want to grab a razor blade. I love dancing and do classes.”

She added: “I do something where it’s different all the time. Dancing’s always different or playing tennis – something fun like that. You need to do exercise but not just a set regime. It’s so hard to find time between schedules but we try!”

Source: The Press Association

Donna Freedman this week on “Neighbours”:

SPOILER: This is Australian air-time so people in other countries that watch neighbour are behind so you may get spoilers if you read this.

Neighbours: 23rd – 27th Nov

Tuesday: As teens head off for schoolies, Kate asks Donna to give her a makeover.

Thursday: Donna’s guilt-ridden after cheating on Ringo.

NEXT WEEK: The 2009 finale sees a wedding and a shock exit.

Source: TV Week Magazine

Margot sets sights on Hollywood

Neighbours star Margot Robbie has revealed she hopes to be acting in Hollywood one day.

The 19-year-old, who plays kooky Donna Freedman in the soap, said she can’t make concrete plans about her career but the “big picture” would see her moving to LA.

Margot, who is currently contracted until April on the Australian show, said: “I’ve got a big picture of where I want to be, want I want to do – I hope to be in America one day, I’d love to move to LA, I just don’t know when that would be.”

Although she is keen to pay a visit to the UK, she doesn’t see her acting future as being on these shores.

She said: “After school I always wanted to go backpacking around the UK but I guess that wouldn’t be an option now.”

Margot went on: “The jobs I want to do in the future would be Hollywood movies rather than theatre or the music industry, which thrive more in the UK, so no I’m not sure I’d work too much in the UK but I definitely hope to come and visit.”

She added that her dream role would be in something akin to Girl, Interrupted, which is set in a mental hospital.

“I’ve always wanted to play a crazy person – someone with a mental illness. I think that would be fascinating, or something that would involve a lot of research and groundwork.”


Donna Freedman this week on “Neighbours”:

SPOILER: This is Australian air-time so people in other countries that watch neighbour are behind so you may get spoilers if you read this.

Neighbours: 16th – 20th Nov

Monday: Donna is deeply hurt when she realises Ringo’s embarressed by her antics. Can their rocky romance survive this latest hit?

Tuesday: Why does Donna refuse to apologise to Ringo?

Friday: Donna ropes in Kate to help her with her fledgling fashion business.

NEXT WEEK: Which two teens share a kiss?

Source: TV Week Magazine

Australian Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards *Exclusive*

Nickelodeon Kids Choice awards are on TONIGHT. Sorry for the short delay.

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Edit: Margot didnt win the award, she lost to previous neighbours cast-mate Dean Geyer. Better luck nxt time Margot =[

3x MQ Margot at the Australian Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards:

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