Again, Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday to Margot who’s birthday would currently be celebrated in the US! Also just had to post a vid Caleb made for her, just amazing & dont know how on earth he finds the time!! So enjoy Margot & all her fans, watch this vid! =]

Video Source:

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Happy 22nd Birthday Margot!!

Here in Australia, its Margot’s 22nd Birthday today! From me & all the fans we wanna wish you a very Happy Birthday!! Hoping all your wishes come true! Cannot wait to see more of what you do best & hoping you read this message.x

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New Layout coming soon

Sorry for lack of updates, there hasnt been many as of late. But im working on a new layout for the site which I think is quite overdue! I do have some magazine scans that I still have to post so thats all coming soon! Hopefully photos will emerge for Margots next project, movie “About Time” which is currently being filmed! Excited to see it =]

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Happy New Year!!!! =]

Well its 9pm here in Australia and it aint long till one year ends and another begins!! So just want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and all the best for 2012!!!! We hope its a good year for all! Also a new year for, so stay tuned!!!

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Hairstyler, Sarah Potempa gives praise to Margot when she done her hair for her appearence on Jimmy Fallon!

Thought it was worth a post =]

“I have had the pleasure of working with Margot Robbie, one of the stars of the ABC show PanAm, and absolutely adore her! She is gorgeous, cool, and plays on her TV shows softball cool is that? Here is a clip from when I styled her hair for Jimmy Fallon. I just had to post it because I also LOVE Jimmy! He is super sweet and is one of the only hosts that actually comes backstage before to introduce himself, make a joke or two, and make people feel comfortable before they go on (plus I love that he calls all us hair and makeup people PAL..Hey PAL Hi PAL…and glad I learned that because I swear I thought he thought my name was Pat). Anyways, here you have it..the impeccable Margot Robbie and her sexy short blond waves (styled with a flat iron!)”


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Forum may re-open soon?

Depending on how many people would like the forum re-opened, please comment this post and if I get a fair amount of people that would like the forum re-opened, I will be sure to do so. I may even try to get Margot herself to join, is not set in stone, but I will try =].

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Sorry for the lack of updates:

Hey guys, so sorry there has been no updates in the past month! I have been on holidays then got really sick so that has been the cause of neglect to the site. Also there hasn’t been a wide range of news currently. But never fear I have a big handful of photos to be added to the gallery! But for now, Margot has a mini site on “who say” which links her Twitter account & Facebook page! These are her REAL accounts so you can try get in contact with her! She would love to hear from you all when she gets time from her busy schedule! She appreciates her fans very much! =]

Here is a link below:

Margots Official Links!

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