The Wolf Of Wall Street star stops to greet fans and pose for photos in New York City.

Her breakthrough role opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf Of Wall Street has skyrocketed Margot Robbie’s Hollywood film career.
But despite her quick rise to global fame, the Australian actress isn’t too busy for her fans.
The 23-year-old former Neighbours star stopped to pose for photos with some very lucky members of the public outside her New York City hotel on Sunday.

Spotted! The Wolf Of Wall Street star Margot Robbie happily stopped for photos with fans outside her hotel in New York City on Sunday

The normally blonde beauty, who dyed her hair dark for a film role, wore a loose-fitting navy jumper and wide-legged purple pants.

She accessorised the casual ensemble with white and purple lace-up shoes and a large leather handbag.
After patiently pulling her best grin for the cameras, the in-demand actress was whisked away in a taxi.

Margot is back in the US after spending a month travelling through the UK and Central America.

The bubbly star enjoying a well-earned break visiting friends in London and also holidaying in Nicaragua, after filming back-to-back projects since gaining an international profile from The Wolf Of Wall Street.

She scored a lead role in Focus, a romantic comedy set for release next year in which she stars opposite Will Smith.

She’s also finished filming Z For Zacahariah, a sci-fi movie about a small-town girl who survives a nuclear war, which also stars Chris Pine and Chiwetel Ejiofor.

The next big production on the horizon for Margot is playing the role of Jane Porter in the remake of Tarzan.
The 2016 production will see her co-star with True Blood heartthrob Alexander Skarsgard.


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Old friends get catty! Margot Robbie and former Neighbours co-star Gemma Pranita reunite to play feline dress-ups.

After a month-long sojourn through Central America and the UK, Margot Robbie has returned to Los Angeles to play dress-ups with an old friend.

Margot, 23, and her former Neighbours co-star Gemma Pranita got glam on Thursday, no doubt for the latter’s fledging fashion and photography blog Gemma Peanut Gallery.

The 27-year-old Thai-born actress posed alongside her Wolf Of Wall Street star friend in a feline-themed selfie.

Old friends: Gemma Pranita and Margot Robbie play dress ups for a selfie on Thursday

While Margot’s black beanie looks more gangster than glamourous, it’s Gemma’s cat ear headpiece that saw her caption the snap: ‘The cats meow!’The pair have a slight smokey eye for their mirror selfie and their bold burgundy lips add a pop of colour to their monochrome looks.

Gemma is dressed in an angelic white outfit with gold beading and cream sequin shoulder detailing, while Margot looks devilish in a black zipped top.

Margot is yet to appear on the brunette stunner’s personal blog.

In the past Gemma has shot her famous Los Angeles-based Australian friends, including Theresa Palmer, Phoebe Tonkin, Renee Bargh and Tahyna Tozzi.

She was even the official photographer for good friend Theresa’s Mexican wedding to producer Mark Webber.


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Frill seeker! Bikini clad Margot Robbie soaks up the sun poolside as she relaxes on a tropical break in Nicaragua.

She has finally said goodbye to the scenery of London and her European friends, heading back towards the direction of her home in Hollywood.

But Margot Robbie is still living it up in-between her hectic filming schedule, this time in the new location of tropical Nicaragua.

The 23-year-old continues to wow her Instagram followers by documenting her activities, this time posting snaps of herself soaking up the sun in the central American country’s picturesque scenery.

Seaside bliss: Wolf Of Wall Street actress Margot Robbie, 23, leaves London behind for the picturesque scenery of sunny Nicaragua

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Margot Robbie Makes Time for Her Friends in London

Margot Robbie spends her day hanging out with a group of friends on Wednesday (April 9) in London, England.

The 23-year-old actress and her pals stopped by a market and then dropped by a McDonald’s restaurant to grab some hamburgers to go.

Margot‘s breakout movie The Wolf of Wall Street was released on Blu-ray and DVD just a couple of weeks ago so make sure to pick up a copy now!


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Margot Robbie: ‘I Feel Very Mysterious as a Brunette!’

It didn’t take us long to decide we loved Margot Robbie’s brown hair when she debuted it on the red carpet at Sunday’s Oscars. It took her a little bit longer — but now she’s a convert.

“I did a movie and I didn’t have time to go back to blonde,” she told PEOPLE of her dark chocolate strands, which she wore femme-fatale style on the red carpet. “I’m liking it! I’m getting used to it. I feel very mysterious as a brunette!”

The star, who Tweeted “She ain’t a Duchess no more,” from the set of Z for Zachariah (the film for which she went dark), is now thinking she might keep the brunette locks around for a while. “I might not dye it back right away,” she said. “I’ll wait until I know what my next movie is.”

Are you loving her as a brunette, or are you Team Blonde?


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The Margot Robbie guide to Hollywood success

You can’t just walk into Hollywood and become a star. Well, that’s not strictly true: you can, just so long as you know the right path to take. And obviously, you have to be at least somewhat talented and ridiculously good-looking. If you’re not, what are you doing in Hollywood? Go make a name for yourself in indy films or on the stage and eventually Hollywood will come to you. But if you are jaw-droppingly attractive and at least moderately talented, then fame and fortune can be yours… just so long as you play by the rules. What rules are those? Let Australia’s-own turned Hollywood-It-Girl Margot Robbie be your guide…

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Merry Christmas, From MRO!

Just thought Id better post to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! Hope you all got what you wanted and spend the time to appreciate what you have!! Also best wishes for 2013! A late xmas prezzie will be up in the next few days =]

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