Aussie stars stick together in LA

Several young, aspiring expat actors, trying to crack the big time, have taken up residence in the same Los Angeles apartment block.

Former Neighbours stars Dichen Lachman, Caitlin Stasey and Margot Robbie have set up base in the West Hollywood complex, along with Trilby Glover, Sophie King, Les Chantery and Matthew Newton’s former fiancee, Rachael Taylor.

Glover, who appeared in the film Righteous Kill alongside Robert De Niro and Al Pacino, said the antipodean takeover of the block was gradual.

“Dichen lived here first and then everyone else just flocked to this apartment block,” said Glover, 29.

“My apartment door is literally one metre from Dichen’s, so I can actually lean through my window and chat with her.

“Les and Rachael Taylor live upstairs, Caitlin lives across the garden and Margot’s staying with her at the moment; it’s like an Aussie Melrose Place.”

Lachman, 28, who has won roles in Hawaii Five-O and sci-fi series Dollhouse, said her home life often reminded her of her days on Neighbours.

“All of Ramsay Street pretty much comes through,” she said.


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Brewer: Losing Margot was hard

Ashleigh Brewer has admitted it was tough to say goodbye to her Neighbours co-star Margot Robbie.

Ashleigh, who plays Kate Ramsay, used to share a flat with Margot, who has filmed her final scenes as Donna Freedman.

With several Neighbours departures on the cards, Ashleigh said: “The hardest person to let go of was Margot.”

But she said her colleague, who hopes to pursue a career in the US, was given a “really impressive” send-off by everyone at the soap.

“Everyone from the building, from the producers to the wardrobe department, came into the studio to watch her final scene. She was a really respected colleague and friend.

“It was hard to say goodbye but she’s on to bigger and better things.”

Ashleigh added: “She lived with me last year but not now I’m on my own and she decided to move in with her boyfriend but we remained really close at work. I miss her.”

Erin Mullally, Jane Hall and Matthew Werkmeister – who play Declan Napier, Rebecca Napier and Zeke Kinski respectively – are all set to leave the soap too.

Source: The Press Association

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Stefan Dennis on Margot Robbie

Here is what Stefan Dennis had to say about Margot & her leaving the show:

There are a few departures on the cards at Neighbours. Are you sad Margot Robbie, who plays Donna, is leaving?

Yes, she’s a darling. We call her Maggot. She’s great. She’s kooky. She’s Goldie Hawn kooky.

Do you think she’ll be a success in the US?

I don’t know. I like to think she’s got what it takes to crack it over there, or anywhere. She’s got the looks, the talent but more than anything she’s got great comedy timing. Whether she knows it or not, I don’t know. I can quite easily see her in a sitcom, almost a Dharma and Greg type thing. Something vague and kooky.

Also added a new photoshoot picture to the gallery:


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Clark tips Robbie for US success

Neighbours star Sam Clark has tipped co-star Margot Robbie for success in the US, claiming fans will see her name in lights.

Sam and Margot are loved by fans as screen couple Ringo Brown and Donna Freedman, but both have other career plans to pursue.

The actor said: “I think she will do very well. She’s a very talented young actress. She has the looks and the work ethic to match. If she keeps her head on her shoulders and stay focussed, we’ll definitely see her name in lights soon.”

Sam has already said goodbye to Ramsay Street and is currently touring the UK to promote his music career.

Although Margot’s departure from the soap will follow, he said she was not spurred on by his exit.

“She has own journey planned out by herself. This was always going to be the time for her to make that trek. All the best to her.”

I think us fan definatly agree!

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Margot Robbie quits!

Ramsay Street starlet Margot Robbie has confirmed rumours that she is leaving Neighbours after almost three years of playing Donna Freedman to pursue Hollywood dreams.

“I want to go to America; it’s always been my goal to work in Hollywood. It’s the one stage in my life where I have absolutely nothing holding me down,” she says.

Rumours have been swirling for months about her departure after on-screen husband Sam Clark (Ringo Brown) quit back in July to pursue his music career, following in the footsteps of other Neighbours stars who turned to pop, like Kylie Minogue, Natalie Imbruglia, Holly Valance and Delta Goodrum.

Margot will no doubt be hoping L.A. isn’t already at saturation point with other Aussie soap starlets, although she says she is optimistic of her future career goals.

“I have plenty of friends over there so I’ll have plenty of couches to crash on” she laughs.

Donna Freedman will be seen on our screens until early 2011, which is also when the long-running show will be shafted to Network Ten’s digital channel, Eleven.


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Face of Specsavers, 2010

Margot Robbie is the new face of specsavers for 2010! She looks absolutely beautiful, making eyewear look sexy and fashionable for people who need to wear perscription glasses! Specsavers have a competition for Spectacle wearer on the year, you can enter now here:

Margot Robbie, the face of the Spectacle Wearer of the Year award, celebrity specs-wearer and actress says, “Fashion is all about looking and feeling good, so picking the right glasses is just as important as choosing the perfect shoes or handbag – they’re a key feature of your face!

“I don’t need prescription glasses, so for me they’re a great fashion accessory and the perfect way to spice up my outfit and transform my look. I’m definitely not alone in realising the fashion potential of specs, so I encourage everyone else who make frames work for them to enter.”

Photos from the site have been added to the gallery, enjoy:


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Neighbours filmed in Springvale

Actors Alan Fletcher (Karl), Margot Robbie (Donna) and Stefan Dennis (Paul) film a scene outside Springvale City Hall. Picture: Guy Thayer.

JUST what was Ramsey St rogue Paul Robinson scheming when he visited Springvale last week?

That was the question on everyone’s lips when the cast and crew of Neighbours dropped in to film scenes at the Greater Dandenong council chambers.

Erinsborough favourites Karl, Donna, Toadie and Steph – otherwise known as Alan Fletcher, Margot Robbie, Ryan Maloney and Carla Bonner – were among the cast members on site.

Kelly Davis, of Fremantle Media, said the location was used for an upcoming courtroom battle.

“The City Hall building was perfect for the exterior shots and the council chambers converted beautifully into the courtroom interior,” Ms Davis said.

The Springvale episode is due to air in late October.

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Newspaper confirms Margot Robbie is leaving Neighbours!

Well sad news for Neighbours/Margot/Donna fans, confirmed in a newspaper Margot will be finishing up on her popular role as “Donna Freedman” on Australian TV show “Nieghbours” at the end of the year to try her luck in the US! Which I don’t think will be that hard since she is a natural beauty and a very talented actress! So hopefully we’ll see her follow the footsteps from past Neighbours actors such as Guy Pearce, Jesse Spencer, Liam Hemsworth to name afew!

I have posted the scan in the gallery for visitors to read (credit to Neighbours1fan on twitter). Now all their is to wonder is how will the popular couple exit the show?

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Robbie “honoured” to be ‘the new Kylie’

Margot Robbie has revealed that she is “flattered” to be involved in the 25th anniversary special of Neighbours.

The 20-year-old Australian actress, whose character Donna Freedman will marry Sam Clark’s Ringo Brown during the 6,000th episode, said that people comparing them as a screen pair to 1987 power couple Scott and Charlene is “a big deal”.

Robbie told AAP: “People are saying that my wedding is this generation’s Kylie [Minogue] and Jason [Donovan] wedding – that’s big shoes to fill.

“But I’m quite honoured to get to be a part of it, this is a big milestone. I’m very flattered. It is a big deal. It’s a big climax of a lot of storylines, they all come together and kind of blow up in everyone’s faces.”

Robbie also said that she finds it “remarkable” that the show has been running for so many years.


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Neighbours celebrates anniversary, Amid Kylie Rumours

Current stars of Neighbours celebrated 25 years and 6000 episodes of the soap with a party at The Olsen in Melbourne yesterday. Sam Clark, who plays Ringo Brown, will be leaving the show at the end of the month to persue his singing career. He was surrounded by his female cast mates, including Brit Gabriella Darlington who won Five’s competition to play Poppy Rogers. Even though initial reports were laughed off, rumours of a Kylie Minogue cameo continue, as the former star of the show is in the Australian city visiting Dannii and Ethan.

Stefan Dennis (aka Paul Robinson) sipped bubbly with Scott Major (Lucas Fitzgerald) and Alan Fletcher (Karl Kennedy). Stefan appeared in the first ever episode, and he plays a key part in the 6000th episode. His onscreen son Jordan Smith (Andrew Robinson) smiled wide with Ryan Moloney (Toadie Rebecchi) and Matthew Werkmeister (Zeke Kinsky), while Carla Bonner (Steph Scully) got close to Sam.


PS: Photos will be posted up soon!!!!!!!!

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