Margot Robbie

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  • A biography on Margot Robbie.

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  • She what Margot has had to say throughout her career, also quotes from her characters.

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  • Find out some info that you may have not known about Margot.

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  • Analysing Margot bit by bit, find out the meaning of her name, zodiac sign & more……

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    1. I am so inspired by you Margot, I want to be in the film making industry and inspire other young women to be amazing and to do amazing things. I have been looking for a way to get into this industry but i keep coming up with dead ends. I am driven my how you have achieved so much and what you still strive to achieve. I not only want to be in movies but I want to be apart of the making of the film too. I live in Alice Springs in Australia, I am 22 but ineradicably driven and hard working. I want to do something amazing with my life and I would love your advice on how to do that . I am not sure you will get this message but I am giving everything a go.

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