ABC’s ‘Pan Am’ scoop: the future for Laura, Ted.

On Sunday night’s episode of “Pan Am,” we certainly saw a rather interesting diversion for Margot Robbie’s character of Laura — rather than get closer to being with Ted in this past episode, she ended up having a brief relationship with Joe, an African-American sailor that was treated poorly by a number of people for circumstances beyond his control.

So what’s goint to happen here? Speaking to E! News, Robbie says that Ted and Laura will not be on the backburner for particularly long:

“I was really surprised too, because I thought that they were definitely going to make that storyline happen first. But Laura and Ted kind of rekindle that in future episodes. In fact, in the next episode there is a lot more of Laura and Ted love interest storyline. It’s so sweet and it’s so fun.”

These two have already had one memorable storyline this season courtesy of trying to get an engagement ring back — so we’re excited to see what happens next.

Are you hoping to see Laura and Ted together?


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  1. i think laura is truly inlove with joe. she isn’t going to have a one night stand/interacial romance, and pretend to be with some one else, behind joe’s back.

    ted and laura will probably be something like siter/brother type relationship. i hope they bring back joe as laura’s love interest/ and future husband. they belong together.

    put ted with maggie.

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