Margot Robbie Would Like to Move in to the Esquire Apartment

A walking, piano-playing, clothes-stealing tour of our new pad in Brooklyn, courtesy of the lovely star of ABC’s Pan Am, who’s welcome back anytime

Perhaps you don’t have an apartment like ours. Perhaps it doesn’t have a view, from the top three floors of a clock-tower building, of all of Manhattan and Brooklyn, views of commuting cars crossing the Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Williamsburg Bridges from a box of glass. And perhaps the absurdly beautiful actress Margot Robbie, from Pan Am, isn’t exploring this apartment with you in a sequined dress with genuine wide-eyed enthusiasm that’s only elevated by eyes so immense they envelope everything around her. That doesn’t mean you don’t know what we’re saying when we say that’s it’s not half bad. It’s fantastic, actually.

This year’s Esquire Apartment, in Brooklyn’s DUMBO neighborhood, is, as with the seven before it, host to the world’s best designers and a number of parties for philanthropic causes — the Fresh Air Fund, the International Medical Corps, City of Hope. But for the purposes of an introduction, it was host the other day to Margot Robbie. Robbie playing the piano in the Great Room. Robbie trying on our jackets in the Master Bedroom. Robbie playing our Angus Young SG Signature Gibson guitar. Robbie tweeting our projected “5th Clock” in the Digital Loft, a projected compendium of everything social media. Whatever that is. Robbie projected as a hologram on the walls (not picture above, but, yeah: really). If you ever happen to find yourself owning an apartment like this (we’re just leasing it for the fall), you should hope that it comes with such bells and whistles. Even if it’s just a hologram.


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