US career of Margot Robbie ready for take-off

ANOTHER Aussie to make good in the US is Neighbours favourite Margot Robbie.

While in town Robbie divulged details about her role on a pilot show Pan Am in which she plays a flight attendant.

“We find out in about two weeks what happens, so I just have to sit tight until then,” she said.

“It was a brilliant experience and I’d never been to New York before so I was on cloud nine.

“I’m playing an American, so I have to do the accent. She’s sweet, she’s just joined Pan Am and she’s new to everything which was good because I was also new to everything.

“I love LA, I love New York, but I’m really, really happy to be home.

“I got back a week ago and went straight out to the farm with my family in Queensland.”


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