Margot in Ten’s new station ID

Margot plays apart of Channel Tens new Station ID, cheak it out below. Article below about outrage with the contents of its new ID.

MENTAL health advocates have lashed out at Channel 10’s new station promotion, which features network stars mimicking patients in a support group, “suffering” from their celebrity status.

High-profile presenters including Natalie Bassingthwaighte, Paul McDermott and Shaun Micallef parody those in crisis, appearing dishevelled, catatonic and highly emotional.

Bassingthwaighte cries hysterically, comic Mikey Robbins rocks in his chair, mumbling, while Neighbours starlet Margot Robbie mindlessly strums the show’s theme song on a toy guitar.

Talkin Bout My Generation’s Amanda Keller sums up the stars’ complaints, telling the group they are feeling “the pressure of making 2010 even better than last year.”

However, counsellors have attacked the station I.D as “insensitive” and “distasteful.”

Lifeline’s Chris Wagner said the latest “Seriously” sketch, which leaked on You Tube but will air this Sunday, ran the risk of discouraging those in need.

“They make a joke of what can be a really important process for those dealing with a mental health crisis and if it discourages even one person from seeking out this sort of help or support that is not on.”

Barbara Hocking, executive director of Sane Australia, said she was “disappointed” in the stars who participated in an advertisement which “mocked and trivialised” support groups.

“What they have done is trivialise something very serious at the expense of people with mental health issues, who are getting a bit sick of being the butt of jokes,” Ms Hocking said.

A Channel 10 spokeswoman defended the promotion, claiming it “pokes fun at Ten. Only Ten.”

“It’s a parody of the industry, but the joke’s on us with the pressure on to deliver and we reckon our viewers will get that joke in the spirit in which it’s meant,” publicist Jeanette McLoughlin said. Ten also supports mental health initiative Headspace.

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