Margot Robbie Reveals When She’ll Suit Up As Harley Quinn Next

The DC Extended Universe can be a confusing place, and it isn’t just fans who feel a bit lost with the franchise. Margot Robbie recently opened up about when she’ll next don Harley Quinn’s pigtails, but the star isn’t sure what she will be doing it for.

The Wrap caught up with Robbie this weekend at the Toronto International Film Festival, and the topic of Harley Quinn came up. When asked about her upcoming film schedule, the actress did say she would be getting back into the DC role quite soon.

“I think next year I’ll be back in the fishnets [and] wielding a baseball bat,” Said Robbie.

However, when she was asked if the appearance would be for DC’s Joker & Harley Quinn spin-off, the actress was less certain.

“You’re guess is as good as mine at this point. I don’t know.”

Of course, fans can understand why Robbie is feeling uncertain about the DCEU as of late. DC Films has announced a slew of movies this year alone, and some of features will double-dip its characters.

A Joker & Harley Quinn spin-off film was announced earlier this summer, but the vixen is also meant to star in a standalone of her own. Gotham City Sirens is still said to be in development with Warner Bros., and Harley Quinn will lead the spin-off. Oh, and Suicide Squad 2 will also use the character once the sequel gets its feet off the ground.

Harley Quinn isn’t the only DC character whose on-screen future is hazy. The Joker is also going through a rough period. There’s no telling if the villain will appear in Suicide Squad 2 or Gotham City Sirens, but Jared Leto is poised to reprise the character in the Joker & Harley Quinn venture. However, DC Films is also working on a Joker origins movie which is outside the DCEU and will not use Leto as the Clown Prince of Crime.

Confused? Don’t worry; Leto is as well.

Recently, On-Demand Entertainment chatted with Leto about his DC schedule, and the actor admitted he was confused about the studio’s recent announcements.

“I’m a little confused too,” Leto revealed. “There are a couple of things happening in the DC world.”


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