Margot Robbie Talks Experience Filming Suicide Squad

Filming on Suicide Squad has wrapped, but we still have nearly a year until we will actually see the film. Margot Robbie, the first actress who will play Harley Quinn on the big screen in Suicide Squad, talked to The Guardian about her experience on the film and being involved in a project with a lot of hype behind it.

It’s pretty intense. It’s always bigger than you think it’s going to be. I definitely didn’t think it through when I took on the job, but once you’re in the midst of it, it’s too late to take it back. The whole comic-book world has such a huge fan base. But fortunately when you’re on set every day, you’re with the same crew, and the same cast every day for so many months, that you’re kind of sheltered from it. You get a taste of it when you do exterior shoots, like on the streets, and fans line up – you’re kind of reminded of how closely people are watching and anticipating it.

Hopefully Suicide Squad will live up to the hype. We’ll find out when it hits theaters August 5th.


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