Margot Robbie is living life large in Hollywood, just don’t ask her to take to social media about it.

WHILE social media has had a huge impact on the wider world, the very public way of sharing your life isn’t for Margot Robbie.

The celebrated actor is arguably a star on the rise, with back-to-back films following her breakout role alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf Of Wall Street.

But with that fame, comes increased interest online, especially through social media.

“For some people, it (social media) definitely opens a lot of doors, but for me personally, I don’t like it and it is my least favourite aspect of the job,” Robbie told Insider.

“Unfortunately that’s the way it is and you’ve got to take it on the chin and focus on the important things, which to me is the work.”

“Obviously social media has had a massive impact on the fame game, but not in a positive way. But it can be for some.

“There are those who build careers and companies just out of being popular on Instagram, but there’s nothing behind them,” she says.


Robbie spoke to Insider on the phone from the London set of her current film, Tarzan, in which she plays Jane alongside Alexander Skarsgard’s portrayal of the legendary character. It also stars Samuel L. Jackson and Christoph Waltz.

It’s one of the many films she’s been working on over the past two years. She’s also filmed Suite Francaise with Michelle Williams and Matthias Schoenaerts, Focus with Will Smith and Chris Pine, and Chiwetel Ejiofor’s Z For Zachariah. And she’s attached to several other projects yet to go into production.

Having worked with many of Hollywood’s leading men, she’s looking forward to sinking her teeth into a role that involves more women.

“I kind of feel like every time I do a film, it is me and an entire male ensemble cast,” Robbie said.

“It is very much like a boys club but it is always a lot of fun. I’m definitely looking forward to doing a film one day with more female actors.”

Robbie will be awarded the Australians In Film Breakthrough Talent gong in LA on October 26, sharing the honour with fellow star Brenton Thwaites.

Despite having attended the Oscars and the Golden Globes for The Wolf of Wall Street, being recognised from her Australian peers is a big buzz for Robbie, who grew up on the Gold Coast.

We are trying to find the right job which will bring me home to shoot because my team is very aware worked with back home. I really can’t wait to do that again.

“Sometimes you get so caught up working and going from one job to the next and doing long days and stuff that you need to remind yourself every now and then how lucky you are and just how much has happened over the last few years,” she explains.

“It is kind of crazy, I am pinching myself.”

So what made Robbie stand out and be selected for the award?

“It is definitely not because I’m the best Australian actor. I think it is a combination of things, so I am feeling very fortunate,” she says.

“I have been fortunate enough to be a part of some widely recognised films that have done well and turned out to be really good. I hope it is because people have watched those films and thought that I did a good job acting in them.

“But, all that aside, I think there’s still a lot of unrecognised wonderful actors out there who aren’t necessarily working on things that are seen as much as I’ve been lucky to have been seen.”

Robbie cut her teeth on Neighbours, notching up more than 300 episodes playing Donna Freedman from 2008 to 2011 before she moved to the US and landed a gig alongside Christina Ricci in TV series Pan Am.

Neighbours is a job she’ll never forget.

“I just learnt so much from it and I say often that Neighbours took care of the actors and you have to learn a lot in a very short amount of time,” she said.

“It is so fast paced that there is not really any room for error and it turns you into a very efficient person when it comes to being on set.

“Probably the most valuable knowledge I’ve acquired in this industry so far was on Neighbours.”

While her schedule is jam packed, Robbie is on the hunt for a role that will see her film in her home country: “I still have my agent back in Australia keeping an eye on things there.
“And we are trying to find the right job which will bring me home to shoot because my team is very aware I’m dying to do that again. I definitely miss home and the crews and the people.”

For now though she’s focused on Tarzan, a big budget studio film that will be released in 2016.

“It is definitely a different kind of film to what I’ve done previously and there are new challenges I haven’t had before,” she said.

“It is a big-budget film, but it is also going to be 3D and it has a lot of special effects so that has added a whole new element that I haven’t really experienced before.

“It is very interesting to watch from a film perspective because it is so different from everything else I’ve done. But from an acting perspective, it also has new challenges.

“There’s lots of acting with invisible animals and all that so it is interesting.”

Humbly, she said she hoped her portrayal of Jane was “a good one”.

“I definitely like her, she is very feisty and very ballsy and she keeps up with the guys.”

Of Skarsgard’s Tarzan, she says: “He’s amazing. He’s such a lovely person and I think he makes a wonderful Tarzan.

Just in general he is an awesome guy, he’s a great actor and just aesthetically I think he works for the role.”

The Australians in Film annual gala will be held in Los Angeles on October 26. For further information, go to

“THE awards season was obviously a lot of fun and kind of crazy because I didn’t think I was ever going to witness something like that first-hand,” Robbie says.

“I ended up picking up my outfit the day before because I’m so disorganised. But mainly because I am always flying in to whatever event it is I am going to and don’t see my stylist until the day before.

“That’s how it was for the Oscars. And that’s how it was for the Golden Globes.

“So I don’t know what I am going to wear (to the Australians In Film) yet but I’m pretty certain I will wear an Australian designer, it is the perfect opportunity.

“I take any opportunity I can to wear Australian designers, because I just like representing my home country … I think the best designers are Australian.

“I miss all my Australian friends so much and when I go home, it is kind of when I do all my shopping and fill up my wardrobe.”


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