Margot Robbie’s alien landing

A QUICK trip home turned into an alien landing for Gold Coast Neighbours star Margot Robbie during an exclusive photoshoot with old school friend Tara Rose Hyman.

“It was a bit of fun for her while she was here on holidays,” says Tara, a Coast stylist.

“I have been friends with her since pre-school at Somerset College and we are still good friends, she still comes up all the time and sees us.”

Rose Hyman joined the artistic forces of local make-up artist Becca Gilmartin and Brisbane photographer Jason Zambelli to create the other-worldly themed shoot.

“We really wanted to make it a little bit quirky and go for an andrgoynous look, so we made her look really alien,” says Tara.

“When I emailed her inspirational pictures and showed her what she was going to look like I expected her to freak out, but she was so excited and I didn’t expect that.

“I think with any actor, all the shoots they do are all smiling, not normally high end editorial looking.

“But she did it so well, she took on the character and was totally natural, she knew exactly what she was doing.”

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