Margot Robbie delights with two chic outfits after a quick change at the BBC.

With a role starring across from Leonardo Di Caprio in upcoming Scorsese blockbuster The Wolf of Wall Street, its fair to say Margot Robbie’s star is rising.
So it’s no surprise she acted like a true movie star when she arrived at BBC studios in Salford, Greater Manchester this morning, and had a quick outfit change.

The Australian actress, arrived at the BBC in Salford quays to film the early morning BBC Breakfast show.
And the 23 year-old certainly brought a hint of glamour to the North West of England, dressed in a simple yet beautiful white dress that set off her golden skin.
She finished off the elegant outfit with a pair of red heels that added a nice pop of colour.
Her blonde locks were pulled back in a simple style, keeping the focus on her face.

And despite the early morning wake up call, Margot looked radiant and ready to face the British viewing public.
The actress was appearing on the show to promote her film About time.

The film also stars Rachel McAdams and Bill Nighy and is directed by legendary British rom-com director, Richard Curtis.
But after the interview was wrapped up, Margot obviously decided to slip into something more comfortable.
She was seen leaving the studios in a completely different ensemble, with loose hair.

The former neighbours star had opted to cover up with a horizontally striped coat.
Underneath she appeared to be wearing purple shorts and a black vest top.
And a couple of hours in the red heels had obviously taken its toll as they had been substituted for some more practical black pumps.
It is not clear where the replacement garments came from as it is hard to believe they would have all fitted comfortably in the nude tote- the only item of her ensemble that didn’t alter.
But it would appear that one of the rising star’s entourage had packed a comfier change of clothes for her post camera schedule.
Margot will no doubt be busy over the next few months with About Time and the hotly anticipated The Wolf of Wall Street both premiering in the autumn.


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