Video of a scene being filmed for Margot’s upcoming movie “About Time”!

Credit to Ana for sharing this with me! Its a scene Margot shoots for one of her upcoming films “About Time” starring Rachel McAdams! Tho excuse the person who uploaded this as they say she’s Rachel but its defiantly Margot!! Enjoy =D

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  1. Hey, Margot is back in US, she was at the Vanity Fair pos Oscar party and today she was seen filming on a boat for the Wolf of Wall Street in L.A. So, I hope that I’am helping you because I really like Margot and your site is amazing.

  2. Hey, yer I had been meaning to add these photos, been a pretty hectic couple of months for me, so I try the best I can! But thanx for the heads up and thank you for your support of the site, it is really much appreciated!!!!! =]

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