Margot on set of ‘Wolf of Wall Street’!

Relaxing in her dressing gown and slippers between takes, Margot Robbie gave no hint of the transformation to come. But as she slipped into a little black dress that revealed her endless legs the blonde underwent a not so major transformation into a sexy div. She plays Leonardo Dicaprio’s love interest in the forthcoming eighties period drama Wolf On Wall Street.

Shooting in Brooklyn on Monday, Margot donned an eighties tube minidress for her role, complete with period stiletto heels. This the first major feature role for the Australian born actress, who was previously a regular on the soap Neighbours.Margot also starred on the ABC series Pan Am in 2011 and also recently began filming the Richard Curtis feature comedy About Time for universal. In the movie, which is slated to appear in cinemas next year, DiCaprio plays Long Island penny stockbroker Jordon Belfort, who served 20 months in prison for refusing to cooperate in a massive 1990s securities fraud case.

The case involved widespread corruption on Wall Street and in the corporate banking world, including mob infiltration. The controversial film is already causing a stir for its brazen use of sex and vice to sell its story, with prostitution and cocaine use central to its plot. Previous reports cited Leonardo DiCaprio and Matthew McConaughey  shooting with several naked brunette strippers at soon-to-open drag bar Lucky Cheng’s, on West 52nd Street in Manhattan. Yet such scenes seem tame compared to others in the film. A source told the New York Daily News: ‘Leo will be partying hard and celebrating his marriage.’ The source adds that: ‘All the actors will be prepared to snort lines and do plenty of drugs that night. There’s so much drug use, they will not be welcomed back to Anguilla.’

According to the Daily News, director Martin Scorsese and crew searched for weeks before settling on a Hamptons house that could be styled to look like the Caribbean island Anguilla’s Malliouhana Hotel. Casting for the 250 actors needed to portray ‘upscale beach wedding guest types’ started a month ago. The male actors chosen were asked to grow out their beards and hair, while the women will be decked out in floral and ruffle dresses.

‘They want to depict an over-the-top crazy wedding with lots of outrageous people running around’:  claimed the NYC paper .

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