Margot in Ten’s new station ID

Margot plays apart of Channel Tens new Station ID, cheak it out below. Article below about outrage with the contents of its new ID.

MENTAL health advocates have lashed out at Channel 10’s new station promotion, which features network stars mimicking patients in a support group, “suffering” from their celebrity status.

High-profile presenters including Natalie Bassingthwaighte, Paul McDermott and Shaun Micallef parody those in crisis, appearing dishevelled, catatonic and highly emotional.

Bassingthwaighte cries hysterically, comic Mikey Robbins rocks in his chair, mumbling, while Neighbours starlet Margot Robbie mindlessly strums the show’s theme song on a toy guitar.

Talkin Bout My Generation’s Amanda Keller sums up the stars’ complaints, telling the group they are feeling “the pressure of making 2010 even better than last year.”

However, counsellors have attacked the station I.D as “insensitive” and “distasteful.”

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Margot’s World

Just searching Margot on You Tube and found a series of Videos in the life of Margot Robbie! Most fans have probably seen them already but I thought id post them up for people who havent =], Enjoy!

Margot’s World Ep1 – From Margot to Donna:

Margot’s World Ep2 – Off to the 2009 TV Week Logies

Margot’s World Ep3 – Drama Coaching

Margot’s World Ep4 – State of Origin Match #1

Margot’s World Ep5 – Salsa Classes

Margot’s World Ep6 – In Ramsey Street

Margot’s World Ep7 – Photoshoot Behind the scenes & home life

Margot’s World Ep8 – Neighbours Screenings, Final Conclusion

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