Australian Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards *Exclusive*

Nickelodeon Kids Choice awards are on TONIGHT. Sorry for the short delay.

Photos have been added. Just added 3MQ photos to the gallery. HQ photos will be added later!! Also we’ll announce if Margot wins the “Hottie” award. Fingers crossed……..

Edit: Margot didnt win the award, she lost to previous neighbours cast-mate Dean Geyer. Better luck nxt time Margot =[

3x MQ Margot at the Australian Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards:

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Gallery Update

I recently bought Kids Healthy life Magazine which has an interview with Margot, scans have been added, also added TV Week scans =]

Go buy Kids Healthy Life Magazine at your local news agent or cheak out the website at:

TV Week – 8th-14th Aug 09, Kids Healthy Life Magazine – Oct/Nov 09:

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First Gallery Update

Adding the first ever lot of Margot Robbie Photos to the Gallery! I have HQ/MQ Events and MQ Photoshoots added!

Credit for all the HQ photos at:

#001 MQ, #002 MQ, #003 MQ

Screen Worlds in Melbourne HQ, AFI Awards HQ, Logie Gift Lounge MQ, Logie Awards HQ, Logie Awards MQ, Logie Nominations HQ, L’Oreal Fashion Festiva in Melbourne MQ.

Nivea TV Commercial

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