Happy Birthday ‘Margot Robbie Online’.

Margot Robbie online turned 8 today! Opening back on the 24th of September 2009 when Margot was only just Australia’s sweetheart playing character ‘Donna Freedman’ on one of Australias most beloved soap tv shows ‘Neighbours’. Since then she has blossomed on movies over in the US and is now one of the most sort after actresses currently! I knew she’d make something of herself, you could see the talent of this girl!

To celebrate I made a custom header and used a nice simple layout designed by Oslen. Got a couple of things to do but been busy outside of the internet world. So I hope you love the new layout as much as I do and thank you for your continued viewing and support of the longest, original sources for much loved Aussie actress Margot Robbie!

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Update: Site given a make-over.

Finally found the time to update the theme to the site, long overdue. Just plain and simple. Also, I had forgotten to mention this site no longer posts candid images, only behind the scene type photos. You can check out most candids from our facebook page on: facebook.com/Mrobbieonline/

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New Theme is up!

I thought it was waaaaayyyy overdue and considering I was going to do this at the beginning of the year I finally have a new theme up! Its been a busy year tho, I hope you enjoy the new theme and hopefully soon some more photos will be added to the gallery in the next week or two.

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New Theme – Finally!

Sorry about the long wait for a new layout. I was working on it when I had time, the first theme I was going to use didn’t work out so used another! I hope you all like it. Its just something simple, which is what I like usually with a layout/graphic.

Also sorry that there has been no news or posts, its gotten a bit quiet on the news front but it should perk up again when Margot starts promoting her next 2 projects which are set to release next year. But in the meantime I have a couple magazine scans ill have to scan and post up for you all! And sorry there has been no caps for the rest of Pan Am. My source has not posted any after EP5, and my downloads are not best of quality but hoping it will release on DVD sometime, which then ill probs have to cap the rest myself. So hang in there guys, I have not given up on Margot or this site! I’m hoping to continue this site for years to come!

For now, patience is a virtue!

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New Layout coming soon

Sorry for lack of updates, there hasnt been many as of late. But im working on a new layout for the site which I think is quite overdue! I do have some magazine scans that I still have to post so thats all coming soon! Hopefully photos will emerge for Margots next project, movie “About Time” which is currently being filmed! Excited to see it =]

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Photogallery is back online!!

I know it took me awhile, but I have been pretty busy and finally have it back up! Only one problem, I have to reload all the photos! I thought I had the Gallery backed up but that wasnt the case! So theres only a small amount of photos at the moment, I will try get them all back up asap! Plus I have new photos to add which Ill probs add before I re add the rest! So please bare with me. But with that I hope you like the new layout =]

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Gallery temporarily unavailable! Changes are coming!

The gallery is temporarily unavailable for the time being! Might take a day or 2 depending on how much time ill get, its getting a massive update, coppermine upgrade plus new theme!! The site will also get a new look sometime in the next month, again depending on time! So if any errors occur while browsing, dont panic its just me hitting a few hiccups along the way etc. So sorry for any inconveniences in the upcoming month!!

With that I hope you continue to visit the site, its your only & #1 source for Miss Margot Robbie!! I try my best to keep you updated with photos, news etc.

Much Luv, Admin – Mel.x (MissMel3x)

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