Margot Nominated for a MTV Movie Award!

The Wolf of Wall Street is nominated for eight MTV Movie Awards! Here are the categories to vote for the film:

Breakthrough performance: Margot Robbie

Movie of the year: The Wolf of Wall Street
Best male performance: Leonardo DiCaprio
Best on-screen duo: Jonah Hill and Leonardo DiCaprio
Best shirtless performance: Leonardo DiCaprio
#wft moment: Leonardo DiCaprio
Best musical moment: Leonardo DiCaprio
Best comedic performance: Jonah Hill

Margot fans make sure you vote every day until voting is over. Lets pass this around on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr and make it a The Wolf of Wall Street sweep!

VOTE: [Here]

Thanks to a loyal Margot Robbie fan, Sarah Acosta! Now the rest of you Margot fans, get to voting! =]

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