Margot Robbie went from Australian soap opera actress to Martin Scorsese leading lady, taking overnight stardom in laid-back stride. With a spate of movies on deck, including this month’s con-artist dramedy Focus, Hollywood’s girl-most-wanted (and offscreen daredevil) is no drive-by talent. As writer Aaron Gell discovers, she’s on the move, full speed ahead.

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Margot Robbie: The Siren

With beauty and determination, the actress Margot Robbie has seduced the best of them—Scorsese, DiCaprio, and, in this special project for W, even the artist Bill Viola.

“I’ve been practicing in my bathtub,” Margot Robbie said as she arrived at the Long Beach, California, studio of the artist Bill Viola. Viola, who was the subject of a major retrospective this past summer at the Grand Palais in Paris, is known for his thematically epic videos—he is concerned with nothing less than life and death—and, heightening the biblical overtones, he often uses water and fire in his work. On a cool, early-fall day, Robbie, an actress on the brink of major stardom, would serve as his muse: She would slowly be submerged in water. “I am so excited,” Robbie continued. “I’ve been holding my breath to see how long I can go without turning blue.”

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Margot Robbie Downplays Her Beauty in Vanity Fair: “My Girlfriends Are Better Looking Than Me!”

Margot Robbie is undeniably beautiful—but she’s so much more than that.
“In my big group of girlfriends at home, I am definitely not the best-looking,” the 24-year-old Australian actress says in the August 2014 issue of Vanity Fair. “I did not grow up feeling like I was particularly attractive. You should have seen me at 14, with braces and glasses, gangly and doing ballet! If I looked good in Wolf of Wall Street I cannot take full credit; it was because of hair extensions and makeup.”
Martin Scorsese’s casting director, Ellen Lewis, brought Robbie to the director’s attention for The Wolf of Wall Street. She sums up the actress’ appeal such: “As beautiful as she is, that’s how talented she is.”
Robbie comes from a farming family, and she didn’t break into acting until her late teens. Luckily, she has a natural presence onscreen, according to those who’ve worked with her. Given that her home country has produced stars like Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe, could she be the next big thing?

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She’s made quite a name for herself thanks to her role in the critically-acclaimed flick “The Wolf of Wall Street,” and now Margot Robbie opens up about her experience on the set in March 2014 issue of ELLE Australia magazine.

During her interview, the 23-year-old actress opened up about her scary audition with Leonardo DiCaprio and chatted about her family seeing the Oscar-nominated film.

Highlights from Miss Robbie’s interview are as follows. For more, be sure to pay a visit to ELLE Australia!

On her audition and Leo’s improving:

“He got momentum like you wouldn’t believe. He’s off and running, and I’m sitting there like a stunned mullet, thinking, ‘You’ve got 30 seconds left in this room to do something impressive.’ I think every swear word in my head just started screaming at him. When I walked over like I was about to kiss and I go… slap reality washed over me. ‘Oh my God, you just assaulted Leonardo DiCaprio. They’re going to arrest you now.’”

On her stance on nudity scenes:

“I lied for a long time about the nudity. First, I said there was no nudity. Then I said there was nudity, but it wasn’t me, that it was a body double with my head CGI’s on, saying, ‘It’s crazy what they can do with computers!’ Then I had to admit it was me.”

On her family’s reaction to the film:

“The grandparents flat out can’t see the film. The rest of the family can watch at their own risk, but if we can’t have a relationship after that, it’s not my fault. If they can make it to the films final act, they’ll see a more shocking side to their little girl in a climatic fight scene between Jordan and Naomi.”

On her acting career:

“I say this about everything: When I was on ‘Neighbors,’ I said, ‘These are the best years of my life!’ When I was filming ‘The Wolf of Wall Street,’ I said, ‘These are the best months of my life!’ I always think I’m having the best time ever, and thatI’ll never had so much again.”


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Margot for Elle Australia

Elle Magazine is new to Australia, on the shelves since November last year it already has a strong following with its edgy photography, scrapbook style pages and fun interviews with the fashion and beauty industries leading ladies (and men). On Monday (24th Feb) march edition will be on sale showcasing Margot, don’t miss her in Elle talking fashion and fame!

Margot Robbie Elle Magazine


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Margot Robbie joins the best of Hollywood for Vanity Fair’s most glamorous issue.

Margot Robbie has cemented her place as one of the industry’s hottest rising stars after scoring a spot on the cover of Vanity Fair’s 20th annual Hollywood issue.

The blonde bombshell has had an Australian fan base since she played Donna Freeman on Neighbours, however she’s a relative newcomer to the international film scene.

But the 23-year-old has now earned global fame for her compelling performance opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in the Oscar nominated The Wolf of Wall Street.

Margot looks the part in an elegant strapless ivory gown, her blonde hair coiffed to the side in a retro Hollywood style. 

A bold red lip completes the glamorous look, reminiscent of an old Hollywood screen star.

Her break-out role as criminal stock broker Jordan Belfort’s trophy wife – which included several nude scenes – has seen her placed alongside acting heavyweights including Julia Roberts, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Idris Elba and George Clooney for Vanity Fair’s annual celebration of the film industry.

Roberts pairs a black tuxedo jacket with fishnet stockings as she throws her legs over the lap of Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom star Idris Elba. Her hand rests on the shoulder of a dapper looking Chiwetel Ejiofor, who is nominated for 12 Years A Slave.

Nearby George Clooney stands with his arms crossed, looking as handsome as ever in a tuxedo.

On the second page Best Supporting Actor nominee Jared Leto crouches low as he stares at the camera with a penetrating gaze. Awards season darling Lupita Nyong’o shows off her sculpted arms in a sleeveless gold dress.

Surrounding Margot are stunning newcomers Naomie Harris, Brie Larson and Lea Seydoux. The women were joined by actor Chadwick Boseman, who starred in last year’s baseball film 42. 

Some old photos of a 17-year-old Margot that emerged this week show just how far the beautiful young star has come.

In the photo shoot taken just before she found fame on Neighbours, the slightly awkward looking actress wears a series of girl next door outfits such as a white cotton singlet and denim shorts.

But her Australian soap days seem well and truly behind Robbie, who has several US film projects in the works including Z for Zachariah, a science fiction film in which she plays a teen who survives a nuclear war in a small American town.


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