Margot Robbie delights with two chic outfits after a quick change at the BBC.

With a role starring across from Leonardo Di Caprio in upcoming Scorsese blockbuster The Wolf of Wall Street, its fair to say Margot Robbie’s star is rising.
So it’s no surprise she acted like a true movie star when she arrived at BBC studios in Salford, Greater Manchester this morning, and had a quick outfit change.

The Australian actress, arrived at the BBC in Salford quays to film the early morning BBC Breakfast show.
And the 23 year-old certainly brought a hint of glamour to the North West of England, dressed in a simple yet beautiful white dress that set off her golden skin.
She finished off the elegant outfit with a pair of red heels that added a nice pop of colour.
Her blonde locks were pulled back in a simple style, keeping the focus on her face.

And despite the early morning wake up call, Margot looked radiant and ready to face the British viewing public.
The actress was appearing on the show to promote her film About time.

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Police lockdown at Tropfest LA

SIMON Baker, Joel Edgerton and Jon Polson found themselves in police lockdown at the weekend in an LA bomb scare.

The trio, and a band of famous faces including Kym Wilson, Nash Edgerton and Margot Robbie, were celebrating the launch of Tropfest LA at the Linwood Dunn Theatre in Hollywood when the evening was interrupted by the sound of sirens as police and a bomb squad were called to the building next door following a bomb threat.

Guests said as robots and sniffer dogs arrived, LA Tropfest launch revellers were told police were locking down their venue as a precaution.

“As a result guests were told to just hold tight which they did until the wee hours of the morning,” one Tropfest fan said yesterday. “Luckily they were in fairly high spirits.”

Some 2012 Tropfest finalists got more than they bargained for. They were let out at 1.30am.


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Margot celebrates new year at Lavo in Las Vegas!

Margot attends Lavo New Years event in Las Vegas! Photos from the event will be added when the gallery is back online! =]

Spotted ringing in the New Year at Lavo was Margot Robbie of ABC’s “Pan Am,” who celebrated her first time in Vegas with a group of Australian girlfriends from high school. She danced the night away on the banquette.


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Margot Robbie on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Margot makes an appearance on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”! Video posted below, plus some HQ photos will be added in the next couple days so stay tuned, and some HQ stills from upcoming Sundays Pan Am ep “Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang”! Again, stay tuned =]

UPDATE: Heres a better vid posted on youtube, shows you the whole interview =]

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‘Pan Am’ actresses share portrait of women empowerment in the 1960’s

Pan Am might be a hit television show on ABC, but for the ladies who once worked for the real airlines in the 1960’s it was a way of life in a different time. The actresses who portray some of those women were on The View Thursday morning discussing the time the hit show is set and how different it was compared to 2011.

The four main characters, all stewardesses from the show shared how the conception of the show is different than what most people think of stewardesses. Christina Ricci, Kelli Garner, Margot Robbie, and Karine Vanasse each shared how the hit show has really struck a chord for women globally.

“It shows just how these women were empowered. Back in the 60’s in a society where that was so difficult to branch out and lead their lives the way they wanted to do it. It is really amazing,” said Margot Robbie.

Robbie wasn’t the only one who questioned whether there was an actual story in the pilot of the idea. Christina Ricci also didn’t think much of the idea until she was introduced to how the ladies who took care of the passengers did more than look pretty.

“I had the common misconception in my head,” said Christina Ricci. “When I heard what was actually required of these Pan Am stewardesses. They had to be college educated and know many languages and everything else. It was like wow his totally blows my misconceptions out of the water.”

Fans around the globe couldn’t agree more as the series isn’t just a hit in America. Strong numbers are coming from other countries who love watching the weekly program as well.

Take a look at the four primary actresses discussing their jobs to share the real empowerment found when being a stewardess on Pan Am Airlines.


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Margot with fellow Pan Am cast to appear on “The View”!

Dont miss Margot Robbies appearance on “The View”!

The women on “The View” will be gabbing with some funny people next week. Patricia Heaton of ABC’s “The Middle” and Andy Samberg of NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” will visit. And Rowan Atkinson, too.

The ABC chatfest airs at 11 a.m. weekdays on WFTV-Channel 9.

Thursday: Christina Ricci, Kelli Garner, Margot Robbie and Karine Vanessa, stars of ABC’s “Pan Am.” Actor Michael Emerson of “Person of Interest.” a CBS show. The couple eliminated next week from ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars.”

This is US time, so pretty much our (Australias) Friday! Hopefully NBN will show this ep not long after!

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